Boomit Warp


Let’s Boomit Warp!

Easy gameplay in a difficult world. Let’s Go!

Welcome to the Boomit series with the second game “Warp“.
With the Boomit’s magical power, warp everywhere!



Let’s Play?

  • Touch the screen to warp Boomit!
  • Avoid a lot of obstacles through the warp’s power.


Let’s Rules?

  • Catch fish and earn points!
  • Increase the score, increase the difficulty!
  • Catch 150 fish to reach the end game.
  • Game Over when Boomit crash into a wall… Good Luck!


Let’s advice?

  • Good hand-eye coordination skills.
  • Being a specialist with reflex game.
  • Fortune favors the brave.
  • Don’t throw the smartphone in a Game Over.


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Have fun and rank the game!