Boomit Jump

Boomit Jump

Let’s Boomit Jump!

Easy gameplay in a difficult world. Let’s Go!

Welcome to the Boomit series with the First game “Jump“.
Boomit the cat hunt Zigmog the mouse! How far you can go?



Let’s Play?

  • Avoid dangerous objects with a simple jump!
  • If it seems impossible to avoid it in the first glance, the key is in a good timing Jump.
  • Sometimes jump on platforms to continue…


Let’s Rules?

  • Boomit is a cat with up 3 lives: One miss and he loses one life ; One level completed and he wins one life!
  • 3 lives out and it’s finished for him Game Over.
  • Zigmog run along 50 levels increasing the difficulty ! Good Luck !


Let’s advice?

  • Have a sense of rhythm.
  • Good hand-eye coordination skills.
  • Be a man’s walking succession of falls.
  • Fortune favors the brave.
  • No pains, no gains.

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Have fun and rank the game!